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The Reports API allows you to retrieve content based on Toggl Data Structure to build reports.

There are a few types of reports available: Summary Reports, Detailed Reports, Weekly Reports, Saved Reports and Insights.

Reports content can be filtered and ordered as the user prefers. Most of them can be exported in pdf, csv, xlsx, or both formats.

It is needed to inform the given workspace to get the report's content. Cross-workspaces reports are not supported. The Reports API base URL is

A public report is accessible by anyone, a private one is only accessible by the report's owner or workspace admin. If the criteria aren't met it returns 403 status code.

Summary Reports​

The Summary report returns the aggregated time entries' data. Use the Summary Report to see the total tracked time broken down in different ways.

Detailed Reports​

The Detailed Report shows each individual time entry and is a great report to review and export your time entries.

The API results are paginated and returns 50 registers at once. Some headers returned on the call are helpful to paginate.

  • X-Next:Timestamp: Next Time Entry timestamp.
  • X-Next-ID: Next Time Entry ID.
  • X-Next-Row-Number: Next Time Entry row number.

Weekly Reports​

The weekly report gives aggregated 7-day durations or earnings grouped by users and projects.

Saved Reports​

The reports can be also saved and shared even with people who don’t have a Toggl Track account. They are not accessible on the Free plan.


The Insights are a set of productivity tools designed to give you more details about the profitability of your projects and team members.


Common used terms across Reports documents

  • Utils: There are some APIs classified as Utils, which are not directly related to Reports, however, are auxiliary to load filters and order options.
  • Totals: Usually, totals are retrieved separately from report content. Totals represent the compiled data (e.g. Total hours).
  • Search: On Detailed Reports APIs the base path is /search instead of /detailed.
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